New Year Sausages

sausage Jan 03, 2021

January 3, 2021

I bought a 9 lb bone in pork shoulder to grind up into sausages. 4 lbs went to ground meat for future sausage making (breakfast sausage incoming, once I got my hands on some fresh sage), and the rest were made into 3 different types of sausages.

(From left to right) Butifarra, Linguiça, Weisswurst
Butifarra With Beans

Weisswurst (ish)

Ingredient Quantity
Ground Sausage 469g
Onion Powder 4g
White Pepper 2g
Mace 1.5g
Parsley (fresh) 10g
Ginger (ground) 2g
Kosher Salt 9g


Ingredient Quantity
Ground Sausage 707g
Paprika 6tbsp
Wine 2tbsp
Garlic (fresh) 13g
Oregano (dried) 1g
Black Pepper 4g
Kosher Salt 14g


Ingredient Quantity
Ground Sausage 1,114g
Red Wine 1.5tbsp
Black Pepper 8g
Allspice 6 berries
Garlic (fresh) 18g
Kosher Salt 22g